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    This Forum is a work in progress and is an alternative to the Lanarkshire BuyandSell Facebook Group where group members and local people can connect, share ideas, information and give advice. This Forum is not to be used as a classified site or a place where you can post your business details. If you want that, you can always post on our Classified Website @ This is purely a place to share information with each other.

    What you choose to post is entirely up to yourself within the guidelines and rules of the Forum. The list of topics discussed can be diverse and varied. Music, history, fashion, pets, education, movies, funny stories, technology, you name it, you can discuss it. You can easily share videos, pictures and all other forms of media in this Forum.

    Groups in Facebook are great but in busy groups, posts are very quickly pushed down the group wall. A lot of posts in the BuyandSell Group are unrelated to buying and selling and deserve a wider Forum for people to be able to discuss properly. Examples of these could include some-one looking for advice/information relating to housing, employment and education. This Forum is where these topics can be discussed freely. As is the nature of Facebook Groups when the subject has been exhausted, these posts are very quickly pushed down the group wall and are eventually lost. That is a waste ! These posts are full of information that can be used to help other members.

    In this Forum, this information can be documented and be readily available and accessible to all Forum members at any given time for years to come. That`s Priceless! This is your online community Please show respect to each other and treat people in this Forum the way that you would like to be treated. There is zero-tolerance to discrimination, religious intolerance bullying and harassment in this Forum. This is not a Football Forum. If you want to discuss football, there are plenty of other Forum's that you can use. We are all equals. Most importantly, enjoy sharing new ideas, learning new things, sharing your interests, hobbies and meeting new people and making new friends. Thank You