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    Johnatha Bastos What an inspiration this guy is to us all. Some people in life like to spend it moaning about what they havent got and drag everyone down with them. Others just get on with it and enjoy the moment. RESPECT

    Jhonatan Bastos is a 20 year old, originally from the city of Barra Mansa – Brazil, his birth was a surprise because his parents never imagined that would be a person with special needs, according to his mother Simone Vitorino, ultrasounds never showed had incomplete arms and shortening of right femur.
    When doctors delivered the baby, their faces did know that something was wrong, and gave them the news that he would need some special attention.
    But his mother decided to accept the child because they are believers in God’s will.

    His father Hezekiah Bastos, was very disturbed by the news and did not know what to do and what was not expected, but after that first time, like his wife, accepted God’s purpose.
    At 3 years, Bastos Jhonatan sang at church and his grandfather also played. One day, while sitting in the front pew of the church to which he belonged, was watching the movement’s drummer and imitated. His mother noted that he had an interest for music was given a drum, but not knowing how he would play it.
    In five years it went through some surgeries due to the shortening of the femur, and had to get away from the drum, but his grandfather was the one who started giving him his first lessons and tips for playing the piano, but learned some songs on the piano his great passion was always the drum.
    The last operation that made to his leg was at age 8, he had a quick recovery and could return to walk, run and even play soccer.
    At age 11 he changed the drum because the piano is a pleasure to touch, he learned to play by ear, and today is one of the instruments to which it devotes more even replaced the drum.
    Jhonatan began practicing guitar; instrument played with his feet and has also participated in the ATROS SBT program where he demonstrated his great musical abilities throughout Brazil delighting not only for his talent but for his strength and self-improvement program.
    Jhonatan has begun publishing a series of videos in which he plays covers paying homage to the artists that inspired him as guitarists, Kiko Loureiro or Joe Satriani.